Water Damage Photo Gallery

Rotting Floor Removal

As a result of some recent rainfall, the water level rose and seeped into this basement while the homeowners were on vacation.  When they returned, the floor had begun to rot, and needed to be removed.  We extracted all the flooring, and dried out the entire basement.

Water Extraction

This municipal building had a burst pipe that spewed water until someone was able to get to the shutoff.  We go on scene and began to extract the water so that the drying process could begin.

Large Loss Response

When a large scale water damage occurs, we bring out the big equipment.  This piece is called a desiccant dehumidifier, and it is able to tackle large building such as this one.

High School Flood

This school had water damage that spanned multiple classrooms, as well as in the hallway.  SERVPRO extracted all the water, dried the affected area, and cleaned the dirt that was left by the water off the floor.

Drywall Removal for Water

When water comes into contact with any wall material, we need to make sure that the material has not soaked up any moisture, and also that water is not lingering inside the wall itself.

Boat Cleaning

In one of our recent jobs, we were called in to remove water from inside a boat.  While this was a request we do not get often, we were able to quickly and efficiently help this customer with their issue.

Water Damage in Fairfield

On the left is the aftermath of water damage in a basement when we arrived. We quickly removed the water, and cleaned the area. It was restored to "like-new" quality, which can be seen on the right.